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Deep Cleaning Service: When Does My Commercial Space Need It?

What’s the best, most cost-effective way to keep the office clean & hygienic? Do you train someone to handle that job, or do hire an outside contractor? Innumerable businesses with a brick-and-mortar presence encounter the same ongoing dilemma! Regardless of the optimal approach for your business, the significance of maintaining cleanliness in the office space cannot be underestimated.

Clean, clear, streak-free spaces are essential to upholding the professional, welcoming image. There are a few things to understand about the procedure no matter if you’re hiring a professional window cleaner or training an internal employee. It ensures your commercial space always looks its best.

Why do we need commercial cleaning

Numerous factors can contribute to an office becoming a dirty and disorganized space. These factors include constant foot traffic throughout the day, resulting in the tracking of dirt, mud, snow, and various debris onto the floors. 

Additionally, dust can accumulate beneath large furniture and appliances over time. High ceiling corners and hard-to-reach areas of furniture and decor can also harbor dust. 

Furthermore, managing various types of waste, such as paper, electronic waste, and leftover food, poses a challenge. The shared bathroom facilities can also become problematic due to the diverse hygiene habits of individuals using a singular facility.

Regular cleaning won’t be sufficient to keep your office clean and hygienic. You need to hire a professional commercial cleaning company to conduct regular deep cleaning of the commercial premises.

When or how often should you schedule the Cleaning?

Myriad factors can contribute to a disorganized, untidiness, and disarray office space. These factors encompass the constant influx of individuals throughout the day, leading to the inadvertent tracking of dirt, mud, snow, and assorted debris onto the floors. Furthermore, the accumulation of dust beneath substantial furniture and appliances over time is also a prevalent issue. 

Neglected nooks, crannies, and high ceiling corners tend to accumulate dust as well. Moreover, effectively managing diverse forms of waste, including paper, electronic waste, and leftover food, presents an ongoing challenge. The shared restroom facilities can also prove problematic due to the diverse hygiene practices.


Your office chairs, sofas, and other furniture all have upholstery! You may need to have them cleaned at least twice or thrice a year. However, it depends on how different people use them regularly! You might need to plan frequent commercial cleanings as it faces maximum traffic & use. Upholstery materials are a haven for bacteria since they can collect a lot of dust and other debris. Hence you may need to schedule more frequent cleanings

Kitchen Appliances

Most of the appliances in your office need deep cleaning at regular intervals. The key is to keep the appliances clean & hygienic. Consistent cleaning is necessary to disinfect tables, countertops, and other similar surfaces.


The restrooms in commercial spaces need multiple daily cleanings. Plan to scrub and disinfect the toilets, sinks, and other fixtures thoroughly at the end of each week. However, the frequency will be determined by the foot traffic.

Plan for a more comprehensive cleaning session after each week to thoroughly scrub and disinfect the toilets, sinks, and other fixtures. However, the frequency of these cleanings should be adjusted based on the level of foot traffic in the area. Regular cleaning prevents the build-up of grime in the area.

The bottom line

Every commercial space requires deep cleaning at different times. Consider every aspect that might have an impact on the intervals between deep cleaning sessions. Call Mean To Clean as they are one of the specialist commercial cleaning companies in Clermont FL. Check out their commercial cleaning checklist to see how much you could save for your business!

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