Handy Upholstery Cleaning Tips That Every Homeowners Should Try

Kids, pets and dirt – it looks like the world is resolute to keep our homes as untidy as possible. Fortunately, most of the cleaning challenges can be conquered successfully if you’ve time and patience.

If you’re like most households, you perhaps frequently make use of your upholstered items, but hardly take care of them. Did you remember when was the last time you cleaned your upholstery? Surprisingly, most of the homeowners don’t know the right answer to this query. Chairs, couches and other upholstered furnishing absorb dust, oil, fur, spillage, allergens and many other things on an everyday basis.

If you belong to the group of homeowner who don’t know when was the last time your upholstered items were cleaned, then it may be the time to consider professional upholstery cleaning in Hammersmith W6.


Regular cleaning can prolong the lifespan of your upholstery, but it’s critical to not over clean the fabric as it can damage your costly investment. Here we are compiled a list of simple yet effective upholstery cleaning tips that you can put into practice:

Vacuum your upholstered items regularly, preferably once a week
Keep your upholstered furniture away from direct sun rays as it can make the colors to fade away quickly.

Rotate your seat cushions to ensure they wear consistently on both sides.

Use the couch for sitting and steer clear of activities that might prompt stains. For instance, don’t allow children to draw while sitting on couch and try to keep food away from it.

Keep pets away from the upholstered furnishing as the oils and fur from their body can quickly turn your new upholstery into gross furnishing.

If you’ve machine washable seat covers, do wash then in the event of unintentional spills. Cleaning them frequently can mean they won’t match up with the color of the rest of the upholstered furnishing.

Have your upholstered items cleaned professionally in every 6 months to one year. This’ll help in removing any entrenched oils and dirt in the upholstery fabric.

Hopefully, these above-mentioned tips will help you in keeping your upholstered furniture as clean & healthier as possible for a long time. For professional Upholstery Cleaning in SW6, you can always rely on Fully Carpet Clean. To get a fair pricing on your next upholstery cleaning, get in touch with us now! We are available round the clock to take care of your precious upholstered furniture.

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