How to have safe residential cleaning in Dubai during the COVID-19 pandemic

If it is said to raise a hand if one in Dubai wishes to have some help in the house, then you will see millions of hand rising. During this period of the COVID-19 pandemic, if you are working or studying from home or work in the essential sectors and have to go to the workplace, you would love to have residential cleaning in Dubai taken care of by a professional cleaning organization.

Appointing a professional cleaning organization to take care of the house cleaning will be a great relief and help you save time. The problem arises due to the COVID-19 concern that still lingers. You may be wondering how to know if it is safe to have house cleaning in Dubai done by professional cleaners and what safety precautions you need to adhere to.

Let us clear the common confusion that haunts the mind when you desire to have professional house cleaner services in this present situation.

When can you have house cleaning services?

As each area and personal requirements are unique, there is no straightforward answer to when to have house cleaning services. You need to base your decision on certain factors, which we are noted down here.

Local stay-at-home guideline: As you stay in Dubai, you need to keep an eye at the local stay-at-home directives issued by health organizations. If you see no restrictions in appointing a house cleaning organization, you can go ahead to hire one.

Personal comfort level: There is an association of trust associated with bringing in an outsider to clean your house, especially during this period of the COVID-19 pandemic. If you feel comfortable having cleaning services and feel that, it will help you to have relief from stress rather than add, you can now have cleaning services.

The health status of your family: If you or anyone of your family has COVID-19 infection, you need to avoid bringing in a cleaner to clean your house. Have confidence that none in the home or close contact with you have COVID-19 infection before calling a professional cleaning organization.

What to discuss before hiring a professional cleaner

You must have a proper understanding of how COVID-19 spread and the symptoms of such an infection. You need to discuss in detail with the cleaning organization about these and understand that they have a similar understanding. The cleaning organization needs to explain what precautionary measures they are taking to stop and prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus while offering cleaning services.

Reputed cleaning organizations in Dubai have taken preventive measures and followed COVID-19 safety protocols while offering their cleaning services. You need to make sure that they do not forget to adhere to any safety protocols while providing their services.

The safety protocol the cleaner needs to follow

It is good to know what safety precautions the cleaners need to follow to keep you and them healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Physical distancing: If you can leave your house before the cleaner’s arrival, then it is ideal. If that is not possible, the cleaners maintain a separation of six feet distance between them and you.

Safety gear: Cleaners from reputed cleaning organizations wear face masks and gloves while they are in your house to clean. They even advise that you wear masks if you happen to be in the house during the cleaning.

Avoid cross-contamination: Cleaners from reputed organizations have to be at different properties to clean. For this, they make sure that they disinfect everything they use between visits. They do not use the same face mask or glove again after a visit to a property.

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