Reasons to have Professional Steam Cleaning of Rugs

The entire world is passing through a crisis period due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Fulham is no exception to this pandemic. We all know that cleanliness is of utmost importance now. We need to keep our interiors and the entire surroundings clean to have a precaution from the deadly coronavirus. Rug inside our house is where dust and pathogens accumulate and can be the source of the deadly virus. Professionals who are offering the best of rug cleaning in Fulham state that steam cleaning is the best method to clean a rug. Let us see why they say so.

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The reasons steam cleaning is the ideal method of cleaning rugs
We think having a clean carpet is the only benefit of having professional rug cleaning. It will astonish you that you can at least have five more benefits by having steam cleaning of your rug. Let us see what the benefits are.

Removal of trapped pollutants
The pollutants can come on to your rugs from various sources. It may come from pet dander, allergens from cockroaches or dead bugs. Lead and foreign particles can come from outside and remain in the rugs. Moreover, carpets absorb volatile organic compounds from paints, smoke and other sources.

These pollutants, without your knowledge, can pollute the interior environment of your property. Residential rug are where kids like to play. While they play they come in contact with these deadly pathogens and can become sick, Steam cleaning is the only possible way to get rid of these pathogens and not only make the rug free from any contamination but to have a healthy atmosphere inside.

Clearance of dust mites
You may notice dust mites at a moist and warm environment inside your house. If you have a look at furniture with upholstery, mattress and beddings, curtains and soft toys, then you can easily find dust mites. Carpet is another ideal location as it offers a warm and moist condition for dust mites to thrive.

Proteins and waste materials of dust mites are allergens and are the common cause of allergies. The proteins and the waste products are minute and float in the air that we breathe and fall prey of allergens leading to allergies.

You can endeavour regular vacuuming with HEPA filter to remove dust mites. The vacuuming process is tedious, time-consuming and not a full-proof method to clean dust mites. While you have professional rug cleaning in SW6, they undertake steam cleaning of your rugs. The high temperature of the steam kills all the dust mites.

Prevention of mould
Professional carpet cleaners help you to prevent the development of moulds. Moulds also generate allergens and coming in contact; you can have allergies. It is that a moist surface, oxygen and dust are the requirement for mould development. The primary need to prevent mould is to have a dry and clean carpet. Steam cleaning helps to have such a rug. The professional carpet cleaning organizations have special tools to ensure that after steam cleaning the cleaned carpet is free from the residual moisture quickly so that mould cannot develop.

Extended life of rugs
Rugs often have excessive wear out due to high use and it loses its beauty and colour. The primary reasons for this are the high flow of traffic and the dust that accumulates in the fibre. Depending on your lifestyle, the frequency of vacuuming and the colour of the rugs, deep cleaning is required every 12 to 18 months.

It is best to have a deep cleaning of your rugs before the dust and dirt finds a permanent place in the filaments. If you have professional rug cleaning in Fulham, then they use steam to deep clean your rugs. They use safe, biodegradable cleaning reagents to clean the rugs. The machine and cleaning agents they use are of the best quality and adheres to the regulations as laid down by manufacturers and other health authorities.

Such deep cleaning using steam not only helps to clean the rugs but also to extend the life.

Enhancement of interior
When you walk on a recently cleaned rug, you can feel the softness and have a comfortable feel. Moreover, the interior atmosphere becomes healthy as free from any nature of pathogens, dirt or dust. Having a steam cleaning of your rugs done by professional rug cleaners in Fulham will give you the peace of mind that you have taken the necessary step to have a clean and healthy interior.

For having such steam cleaning of rugs in Fulham, it is ideal to contact Fully Carpet Clean. They have the expertise and knowledge to offer the best of cleaning services. Call on 02070 960636 to have a quote from them.


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