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Should I Clean My New Carpets Before Moving into a New Home?

Have you relocated to a new house? Since even a home or apartment that appears clean can have filth and grime hiding in unexpected places, you must first be familiar with the new home’s deep cleaning. Even though the kitchen and bathrooms will probably be at the top of your plan, it’s crucial to clean the carpets as soon as you move in and before you settle in!

Carpets harbour a surprising amount of debris and germs. They probably contain their fair share of dirt, including bacterial and fungal spores, unless they were well cleaned before moving in. So it goes without saying that getting rid of bacteria, hair, skin cells, fungal spores, and all the other disgusting stuff living in the carpets of your new house is a significant advantage.

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Your health and comfort still depend on prioritising carpet cleaning on your post-move to-do list. Call a specialised carpet cleaning in Hammersmith W6 to clean it immediately instead of allowing the dirt, germs & grime to continue to build up. Doing this will make you feel comfortable in your new home.

You can never be sure that your new home is cleaned to your standards and that it is free of recurring odours and stains! However, cleaning your carpets before positioning your furniture is a great choice. You can make sure that every inch of your carpets is thoroughly cleaned. Hiring the professional carpet cleaning service in Fulham ensures improving the airflow quality, getting rid of odours & improving the overall look of your space. Here’s what you need to know, including why cleaning your carpets after a move is so important and how to do it properly.

• The carpets in your new home are most likely very dirty.

• The average carpet has more germs than a refrigerator door handle, a cellphone, and a toilet seat.

• About 36% of the dirt on an uncleaned carpet is made up of human hair.

• About 5% of the dirt comprises skin cells, plant matter, and fungal spores.

• The average person sweeps or vacuums the carpets between 17-20 days. Thus the carpets get plenty of time for bacteria and dirt to build up.

• Most people haven’t had their carpets steam cleaned or shampooed in the previous 15 to 18 months.

These points indicate that if you don’t clean carpets after moving, your home is almost certainly not as spotless as you think it is. Cleaning the carpets before installing the furniture delivers that peace of mind that every new homeowner wants.

Even if the thought of cleaning your carpets extensively seems daunting, you don’t have to do it alone. You can minimise cleaning stress if you hire a professional carpet cleaning service in Hammersmith W6, like Fully Carpet Clean. With Fully Carpet Clean, you’re getting the deepest clean possible. Let them save you the time and energy needed to thoroughly clean your carpets so you can use that time packing and organising. In addition, they assure you get your carpets in great shape. So call Fully carpet Clean today! They look forward to helping you make your carpets look clean & fresh.

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