Steam Cleaning Vs Dry Cleaning- Which is the Best for Your Carpet


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Leaking roofs, pet dander, debris, and muddy feet leave stains and dirt on your carpets. But appropriate cleaning & maintenance will help retain the carpet’s original appearance for as long as possible. It also enhances the ambience & looks of your home appeal. The carpets should also be cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning in Hammersmith every few months in addition to weekly vacuuming and spot cleaning. It should be done every 12 months. The most commonly used professional carpet cleaning methods are steam cleaning (hot water extraction) and dry cleaning. Let’s explore the steam cleaning & dry cleaning in detail.

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Steam carpet cleaning
This cleaning technique often referred to as hot water extraction, works by saturating the carpet with hot water using a high-pressure jet spray before sucking the water up with a vacuum. Usually, a truck-mounted or portable machine is used for this task.

The expert carpet cleaning services SW6 will

vacuum the carpet to remove any dust or surface dirt

They treat the spots, stains and marks with a cleaning agent

They use a pre-spray to soften the surface tension of the carpet.

The pre-cleaning process allows the hot water to penetrate the fibres more effectively. It opens the path for deep carpet cleaning, and the result is impressive. After a hot water extraction process, drying times will vary. But 6 to 8 hours is common when there is sufficient ventilation. Less water is needed in the process, so the drying time is significantly less in the cleaning process. However, the expert carpet cleaning in Hammersmith brings advanced drying machines which help you use the carpet usable on the same day.

Dry carpet cleaning
Despite the term dry, some water is still used in this process of dry cleaning. Of course, it is much less than steam cleaning. As with steam cleaning, the cleaning technician will:

They vacuum the carpet to get rid of any surface debris or dust,

They apply water to the carpet while using a dry-cleaning cleaning agent solution.

They bring the solutions designed to dissolve the carpet fibres, eliminating any buildup residue that retains in the fibres and enabling the extraction of soil and grime.

This technique uses a machine with rotating pads that spin rapidly on the carpet and absorb dirt. It is composed of soft cotton soaked in hot water and a conditioning solution mixture. As they get dirty throughout the cleaning procedure, they are changed. For carpets in high-traffic areas, dry cleaning leaves the carpet dry enough to walk on right away and will often be entirely dry in 2 hours.

What to do now!
There are advantages to both steam cleaning and dry cleaning. Leading carpet manufacturers frequently advise steam cleaning. They recommend it as it is the best way to maintain and extend the life of your carpet. Dry cleaning is an efficient and rapid maintenance method! It is only superficially clean, though. But professional steam cleaning is the way for deep and thorough carpet treatment.

Homeowners advocate hiring expert carpet cleaning services in SW6 as it is the best way to save time and energy while getting the best carpet cleaning services. You can rely on Fully Carpet Cleaning to get some better cleaning results. They are proud to provide superior standard customer service with extreme attention to detail and ultimate professionalism. Call them today to know more about the carpet cleaning process that fits best for your carpet & budget.

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