The Definition of Ice Dam and Tips to Prevent It


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An ice dam is an accumulation of ice that develops at the edge of a roof (eaves) and prevents melting snow or water from draining off the roof, causing it to collect and then re-freeze into often enormous slabs of ice.

Ice dams are primarily brought on when the air in your attic is warmer than the outside temperature. As a result, the snow on your roof starts to melt and flows towards your gutters, where the temperature is the same as the outside air and the water freezes again.

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As soon as the ice becomes thick enough, water may begin to seep into your home through the gaps between the roof shingles. In order to prevent potentially expensive water damage to your property throughout the winter, it’s critical to treat the underlying source of ice dams.

How can you prevent ice dams?
Ensure Proper Attic Insulation: In addition to hurting your heating bill, letting heat escape from your attic melts snow from your roof, which then flows into the gutters and, when the weather is just right, forms an ice dam at the edge of your roof.

Clean your Gutters: Blocking the flow of water through a home’s gutter system is a significant factor in ice build-up. We advise having your gutters cleaned by a professional at least once a year, ideally twice a year in late Fall and late spring to get rid of problems over the winter. Here at BRS Roofing Supply, we supply seamless gutters without cuts or seams that are perfect for residential and commercial buildings. Most seamless gutters for sale in Atlanta are made from aluminum and copper. They are durable enough to manage the flow of rainwater on and around the building or structure, preventing ice dams from happening.

Get rid of snow from your roof: Raking snow off your roof, or at least the outermost portion, can stop gutter overflow caused by roof melt. When the temperature drops, the gutters won’t freeze as much because there is less water from snowmelt.

Use Heating Cables: A roof heating cable system is a high resistance wire that you can install in a zig-zag pattern on the edge of your roof. A GFCI receptacle is required for power, and when turned on, it warms the edge of your roof, preventing ice jams.

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