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The order of cleaning followed by ServiceMaster MB while offering house cleaning services in Chicago

Is it that you struggle to clean your house? Is it essential to have an order while cleaning your home? The answer to both is YES. We at ServiceMaster MB have been offering house cleaning services in Chicago for years. We feel if you have not cleaned your house for a while, then starting anywhere will help.

However, if you clean at regular intervals and desire to save time, there is a proper way to clean. We follow the same process while we offer house cleaning services. The order of cleaning followed by us helps us to be efficient and helps to maintain the cleanliness of your house.

How the order of cleaning helps to save time and energy

Initially, when we started offering house cleaning services, we felt we spent a lot of time; however, the cleaning was not up to our client’s satisfaction. We also thought that we had not been efficient and felt that the routine task of cleaning a house had made us waste time and energy. We then felt that there needed to be a plan to clean the house. As we systematized our cleaning schedule, we thought that all fell in place, and we were able to clean houses more efficiently and in less time.

So, an order of cleaning is of utmost importance if you desire effective cleaning while saving time and energy. Following a planned schedule of cleaning, it will be such that you do not have to touch a part of the house cleaned shortly.

The order to follow while cleaning a house 

The routine that we follow while cleaning a house is as follows.

Start with portions that need soaking in chemicals

It is wise to start the cleaning by stacking and running, say the dishwasher or spraying oven cleaner, putting clothes in washing machines, or pouring bleach in your toilet. These will continue to work while we clean other parts of your house. Moreover, this process will make cleaning easier.

Clean from top to down 

It is wise to clean higher surfaces like ceiling fans before you clean the floor. You must clean the floor again if you do it the other way around.

Tidy then clean 

It is best to remove the clutter before beginning to clean. As we devote some time to putting things away, we find cleaning to be an easier task. This is particularly important when we clean the kitchen, bathrooms, and floors.

Cleaning the wet area first 

We undertake cleaning the wet areas like kitchen and bathroom at first. The cleaning solution will have some time to work to make the cleaning more effective.

So, following this order, we can offer the best house cleaning services in Chicago. For more information email us at and contact us at 7735834300 for booking the service.