Tips To Keep Your Offices Sanitized During The Coronavirus Outbreak

It really has turned out to be a big challenge to keep your office space sanitized especially during the coronavirus pandemic. Office spaces must safely & effectively operate to serve their customers and to simply remain open. Yet with Coronavirus’ unknown structure, nobody really knows what to expect next. The scientific team is coming up with something new regarding COVID-19 almost every day.

Hiring a professional cleaning service in Dubai specializing in safely offering frequent disinfection of residences and office spaces is really essential especially during this hard time.

Why frequent cleaning & disinfection of office spaces is such a big challenge?

The short answer to this question is the office space sees a great amount of foot traffic every day. To make sure a disinfected setting, you’ll require rotational cleaning that deals with the heavy quantity of touch points in your office.

Why office spaces should give emphasis to proper hand hygiene practices?

Offices must consider offering signs, hand washing procedures, and hand sanitization opportunities for both shoppers and employees. Here hand hygiene practice means washing hands with soap & water for a minimum of twenty seconds before & after eating; after coughing, sneezing, or using a tissue paper; following a bathroom visit; before touching food; after touching or cleaning a surface that could be infected; and after sharing any sort of electronic supplies. Hand sanitizers must be chosen as per the guideline of CDC and WHO.

Why it’s necessary to keep your retail store sanitized?

If there is no one to watch you, it may be tempting to cut corners on disinfection & sanitization process! However, to keep COVID-19 and other virus at bay from your office space it is essential that you follow the best sanitization practice. Appropriate disinfection & sanitization is truly an investment that you want to make the betterment of your business.

How Mops & Brooms Building Cleaning Services LLC can help?

Being a commercial cleaning specialist, Mops & Brooms Building Cleaning Services LLC can help your office spot not only priority areas, but also high-risk regions. We are here to save your office time & overhead by offering a custom cleaning plan that uses best practices to safeguard your employees and visitors. We take pride in delivering top-quality disinfection and cleaning services for office spaces of any type and size. To learn more about what we as a Cleaning Company in Dubai can do for you, feel free to contact us on +971 54 495 0111!

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