Top 4 After-Party Carpet Stains You Need To Be Careful With

If you are hosting a party at your home, you probably spend weeks preparing for the event. Be it a large gathering or a small dinner celebration, a kid-centric party or adults-only hangout, the odds of carpet is almost unavoidable.

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Here are the most common stains found in carpets after a party:
Food & drink: Whether it is a glass of wine that gets knocked over or a piece of cake that lands icing-side down, food & drink stains are certainly unavoidable at a party.

Dirt: children may be cool running around a home without shoes, but what about adults? Except you’re an absolute perfectionist for immaculate carpeting, you are expected to host many invitees who’ll be roaming around your party with their shoes on their feet; or in the event of holiday get-togethers, boots covered in mud, salt, snow, and the like.

Grease & oil: From shrimp scampi to pizza slices, those finger foods can be a bit slippery. Don’t be astounded to see oily spot after spot that spilled edibles have left behind. If your invitees are strolling around without shoes, however, oils from their skin can also be a source of carpet soiling. Though these may stay as surface stains in the beginning, but neglecting to opt for professional carpet cleaning in Wimbledon after the fact could make all the surface dirt become ground in and tougher to remove stains.

Vomit: If your party involves a little alcohol consumption, then a bit of vomit is almost expected. And cleaning such things by your own is not the wisest of solution.

Act fast even when you are having fun with your guests:
No doubt by applying protectants to your carpet you can repel water & moisturizer and defy soiling. However, it’s not the best way to protect your carpets from getting damaged. While the protectant offers you adequate time to clean any wet spills, and makes it simpler to vacuum dry spills, any unrecognized stain that’s left to sit on the carpet for a long period of time will sooner or later break in the barrier. The soiling & stains should be taken off as quickly as possible, preferably by professional carpet cleaners in Wimbledon.

If you are getting ready to host a party or planning to have your carpets cleaned instantly after a party, feel free to get in touch with Glory Clean. We are ready to discuss your carpet cleaning needs and put forward the best cleaning solution out there.