What are the Most Common Mistakes People Make While Cleaning their Mattresses

Keeping your home clean can be quite tough, especially when you are working 9 to 5. While we pay special attention towards the cleanliness of our sofas and carpets, we usually forget to maintain the proper hygiene of our mattresses. Many of us make the mistake of just dusting our mattress which does not take away dust mites & other pollutants. A clean & sanitized bed is the secret to enjoy a sound sleep. Therefore, it’s equally critical to keep our beds & mattresses clean.

Using a vacuum cleaner along isn’t adequate. You’ve to avoid committing certain mistakes that you may make while cleaning your mattresses.

Mattress Cleaning SW6

Using water to clean the mattress:
There may be situations when you may spill a drink on your mattress. The odds of spillage augment when you’ve children at home! As soon as a spillage happens, most of us tend to wash the mattress using soap and water to take off the stains. This is in fact the most common mistake that most of the homeowners tend to commit. We’d recommend avoid wetting the mattress at any cost. Most mattress manufacturers specifically say not to wet the mattress as it can damage the upholstery significantly and may not cover the manufacturer’s warranty.

Using a neater to clean the mattress:
Mattress nest a great amount of dust & bugs that can be pretty injurious to people who have asthma or other respiratory issues. Most people make use of a beater to clean the mattresses which don’t take away the bugs or dust mires effectively. In fact, beating mattress isn’t the best way to take off dirt from mattresses. Rather than beating the mattress, it’s recommended to invest on an upholstery vacuum cleaner which efficiently collects dust.

Using any kind of vacuum cleaner:
Many people tend to use multi-purpose vacuum cleaners which aren’t ideal for cleaning beds & upholstery. A regular vacuum cleaner can certainly clean the sofas and floor. But it’s not recommended for cleaning your bed & mattresses.

Steam cleaning a mattress:
Although steam cleaners can slaughter germ and bacteria from hard surfaces, these are certainly not designed to clean your soft surfaces like mattresses. The reason is steam cleaning your mattress may offer an encouraging environment for mold infestation. Also, cleaning the mattress with a steam cleaner make it less comfortable to sleep!

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