What Are the Scary Things Hiding in Your Carpet

Dirt and debris trapped into your carpet due to traffic, your kids and pets. Do you know that carpets act as a vacuum and traps allergens, airborne bacteria, dust, dirt and pet dander? Apart from that, the carpet is filled with frightening dangers that might make your skin irritate and make you sick. How safe do you think that is? It can cause harm to your home and family. Vacuuming your carpets often can help get rid of some of these scariest things that hide in your carpet, but it doesn’t get rid of everything. Here is a list of the few most dangerous things that need a professional carpet cleaning service.

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Did you know that most people suffer from allergies and asthma? Many people’s lives are spent indoors, which many believe would protect them from pollen and allergens! The allergens and bacteria trapped inside the home can trigger asthma attacks in someone in your family. The worst thing you should know is that the carpets in your home act as a virtual allergen storage unit. Such allergens can stay in your home throughout the year if you are careless about them.

Dust mites
Dust mites are one of the leading causes of allergies. Animal hair, pollen, and other debris trapped deep into carpet fibres & triggers allergies. It will bring an array of health concerns like respiratory issues and asthma.

Pesky bugs
There are numerous ways that bugs can compromise the durability of your carpet. They feed on the skin flakes to survive and bring allergies and other health issues. Professional carpet cleaning in Kensington can help eliminate bugs from its root.

Chemical & odours
There are countless harmful substances trapped in your carpet fibres. These are built up over the years and can be difficult to remove! You will probably find the chemical residue relating to formaldehyde, toluene, styrene, acetone and benzene in your new carpet, which are considered to cause harmful cancer disease. It will also cause both eye and respiratory problems! Apart from that, the carpet absorbs odours from the air, spills, and pets. Vacuuming with DIY carpet cleaning methods won’t get rid of all such things. A professional carpet cleaning treatment is needed to fix the issues.

You probably think you should not worry about mould & mildew! Unfortunately, in many cases, that’s wrong! The professional carpet cleaning in Kensington uses advanced steam cleaners and dryers that bring a pause to promote mould growth!

The scariest thing in your home is the threatening unseen bacteria that make your families sick. It comes to your carpet through the air, food and drinks spills, or foot traffic, dust, dirt, and other nasty particles stuck with your shoes and dragged across your floors.

There’s no reason to worry even if such scary things live in your home. Call Glory Clean as they bring the best solution to keep your carpet clean & safe and reduce mould and bacteria risk. They also provide the fastest cleaning and drying times on the market! Give them a call and check how they help you get rid of what’s been hiding in your carpet!


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