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What to do to Protect your Lavished Carpet from Mould & Mildew

Carpet acts as a filter that traps bacteria, allergens, and harmful elements that originate from both indoor and outdoor environments and moisture. Humidity, pet accidents, water damage, or improper drying are unsafe for the carpet. It will generate mould, and you know that excessive mould in your home creates numerous severe problems! The existence of mould and mildew might damage or ruin your carpet. And its presence can irritate your lungs, eyes, and skin as well. It will need a proper cleaning and drying process as it is the only component that can prolong the carpet’s life. Some carpets are not easy to clean and require special cleaning treatment. Often, these expensive, plush carpets or carpets with different types of fibre need special care to stay away from moulds and mildew. It will enable you to keep these carpets and your investment safe. Trying these tips helps you keep your carpets home clean and safe from pesky mould & mildew!

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Reduce Humidity
Excessive moisture quickly transforms carpets into a breeding ground for mould and bacteria. Preventing the humidity before time is an ideal way to pause the mould acceleration and growth of mould microbes. Poor air circulation is another reason that generates mould microbes. Consider calling the expert carpet cleaning team to treat the same and use their advanced dehumidifier during the changing seasons and summer.

Try Dry Treating Stains
Most people used to clean the carpet with a wet cloth or aggressively spray a spot when a spill or stain occurs. But excess moisture can be a reason for mould growth. It is wise to call a professional carpet cleaning service in London that provides a dry cleaning treatment solution to remove the carpet’s spill or stain. They use superior quality cleaning supplies, and they have the skill to get rid of the stain with ease. They use clean steam technology to eliminate a stain and have advanced dehumidifiers that left hardly any moisture residue in your carpet.

Protect Against Water Damage
Water may come into your home due to faulty plumbing, unclean gutter, unclogging downspouts, drainage, defect in the wall & roof. A few drops of water on the base of the carpet may lead to creating mould growth. Stop it before it started. Keeping the above things up-to-date can be a way to keep your carpet away from mould & mildew. Consult a professional carpet cleaning service in London that provides easy tips to prevent water damage and what to do if the carpet suffers due to flooding water.

Plan to clean the carpet annually
Humidity, spills, or pet accidents are the primary source of mould growth. Apart from that, the dart that remains in the carpet’s root will intensify the mould growth and stay as the biggest culprit to damage your carpets. Having your carpets cleaned annually with expert assistance helps you prevent bacteria growth, extend the carpet’s life, keep them looking brand new for longer.

Adding carpet padding
Adding the padding with anti-microbial characteristics for your carpets can be a way to keep the carpets away from mould & mildew. It might cost you a bit and save you time and give you better peace of mind for later. It will be a good addition, especially if you live in a humid climate. So, consider spending on good quality padding to save your carpets later!

The sooner you notice and tackle mould, the more likely you’ll save your lavished carpet! Now, what do you want to do if you see mould in your carpet? Immediately call a professional carpet cleaning service like Go For Cleaning in London today!


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