Why Does Carpets Look Dirty and How to Keep the Carpet Looking Great?

If you’re a smart home or business owner, you’re always looking for the best value in terms of products, services, and price. Professional carpet cleaning in London delivers all three features and even more with their dedicated cleaning service & approach. Have you ever walked down to an office or some friend’s house and mark the carpets’ are looking dirty? The fact is that the carpets will appear differently for multiple reasons. Do you wonder why high traffic areas of your carpet look dirty? Before that, you should know why your carpets are looking dirty & then what you need to do to make them look shiny.

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Fibre distortion
Sand and soil are always abrasive to the carpet. They can scratch the actual fibres and create a fibre distortion when such elements get deep into the carpet. It usually increases its capacity in the carpet fibre in high traffic areas. It makes the carpet fibre distorted and ultimately looks dirty.

Light Reflection
When carpet fibres become distorted, they tend to reflect light at various angles. The adjacent portion of the carpet may not receive the same amount of foot traffic, making the carpets appear dirty.

General Wear
High traffic areas of the carpet receive the lion’s share of the traffic. The carpet fibres in these areas became compressed & flatten over some time. This damage or reduction in fibre can create an illusion of being dirty.

Nap Reversal
At certain times the carpet pile will lay in the opposite direction instead of the rest of the carpet. It will cause the light to reflect in a way that makes the carpet look worn and dirty. However, viewing the carpet from a different direction might give a different appearance. Carpet extraction has the possibility of temporarily lifting the fibres, but it will not last long.

What is the process to keep your carpet look shine?
Your carpet is one of the dirtiest surfaces you step on regularly in your house. Therefore, it requires daily Cleaning. Let’s discuss a few tips to keep the carpet looking great.

Vacuuming: Carpet is one of the dirtiest surfaces you walk on every day. Therefore, it needs daily Cleaning as any other surface in your house. Daily vacuuming your carpet may be the right way to make it look clean to your eye.

Steam Cleaning: Steam cleaning are the high-end & environmentally friendly carpet cleaning solutions used to extract the dirt, soil, bacteria, stains from the root of your carpet. Professional steam cleaning equipment kills the bacteria and disinfects your carpet, as well as an industrial vacuum to extract it out.

Protecting: Protecting your carpets from dirt and mess is the most pleasing way to keep them look and feel great for a long term period. A few simple precautions can make a big difference in protecting the carpets. Position doormats at the entrances, encourage everyone to use them, removing your shoes and wearing socks or slippers when indoors are some of the best ways to keep the carpet protected.

Taking appropriate steps at the right time
Accidents on the carpet happen at any time. It may occur due to Wine stains, Pet stains, Food stains and much more. It may soak up as much of the substance as possible and blots or spreading it around. Call a professional carpet cleaning in London ASAP and never take the chance to make the stain will become permanent.

Taking adequate care of your carpet is essential to maintain a clean and safe environment to live in. Go For Cleaning is here to help you at any time you call!


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