Why Vacuuming is not a Replacement for Rug Cleaning

Homeowners with rugs are advised to vacuum it regularly. It will not only maintain the rug’s appearance but fluff its fibers & improve its lifespan. However, running the vacuum cleaner every week isn’t all you need to do! Homeowners should plan or schedule a professional rug cleaning in Hammersmith W6 to keep it in its better shape. Let us discuss about the benefits of a professional rug cleaning in SW6 Fulham:

rug cleaning SW6

Eliminate bacteria: It’s essential to keep your home remain as germ-free as it can be. You should be disinfecting your surface more often than usual. Spraying antibacterial agents on your rug is not enough to get rid of germs, neither can you achieve a positive result by vacuuming. The only effective way to get rid of germs & bacteria or dirt from your rug is by taking the support of a professional rug in cleaning in Hammersmith W6 that also perform the deep clean. The cleaning agents they use are specially designed to remove harmful bacteria that can make you sick.

Reduce allergens: It’s not just bacteria that make you worry, but allergens like dust, pollen, and pet dander make your concern remain higher. Allergens at home make life miserable for anyone with allergies. Vacuuming alone is not enough to get rid of them. The crucial way that ensures everyone breathes easier is by scheduling professional rug cleaning in SW6, Fulham. They work hard to remove the allergens embedded in those rug fibers.

Boost indoor air quality: The built-up dust and debris doesn’t remain in the rug’s fibers and floats up into the air due to traffic over it. It will be resulting in spreading bacteria or allergens throughout the house. Vacuuming is not enough to prevent it from happening. Hiring an expert rug cleaning team in Hammersmith W6 is the only way to resolve the issue and improve your home’s overall air quality.

Remove spots and stains: Vacuuming cannot remove stain from the fibers, no matter your vacuum soon after a spill happens. Unfortunately, your vacuuming doesn’t lift the old spots and stains. The only way that can help you in such a situation is professional rug cleaning in Hammersmith W6. No matter if it’s an old stain from spilled wine or dropped food, the experts can remove it to transform the rugs back to their new position.

rug cleaning Hammersmith W6

Maintain the warranty: Most dealers or manufacturers offer repair or replacement warranty if anything goes wrong within the first few years. There’s probably a stipulation that the rug must be professionally cleaned. Manufacturers typically want the rug to have a deep clean every 9 to 15 months. It will help in keeping the warranty intact.

Prolong rug lifespan: vacuuming can fluff the rug fibers and prolong its lifespan. It is true, but it is not enough to keep its original shape and maintain hygiene without professional cleaning. A deep clean really lifts those fibers, making your rug remain fresh & ensure to last for longer.

Vacuuming once a week is good, but for the well-being of your costly rugs, you need to call the experts at Fully Carpet Clean for rug cleaning in Fulham or Hammersmith W6! Make a professional rug clean part of your regular home cleaning or carpet cleaning to ensure a happy and healthy home ahead!