Four Bad Carpet Cleaning Habits What You Must Avoid!


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You invest a lot in your carpet, and it will enhance the look & feel of your home or commercial space! But, you must take care of it to keep it in its best shape for longer. Do you know that with appropriate maintenance, your carpet can last at least ten years? But, unfortunately, there are a few things that can shorten your carpet’s lifespan. Likewise, you should avoid a few habits if you want your carpet to survive a long time. So, what exactly are these bad habits? Let’s have a look at them:

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Lack of regular vacuuming at infrequent intervals:
If vacuuming isn’t on your weekly to-do list, it’ll only be a matter of time until you ruin your expensive carpet. If you don’t vacuum regularly, dirt will build up in your carpet. Your carpet’s fibres will deteriorate as a result of this. It’s also possible that you’ll develop persistent black spots. It is wise to call professional carpet cleaners in Chelsea to handle the thing with care. They use the most effective steam carpet cleaning solution that makes your carpet look pristine.

Using a powder deodorizer:
Deodorizer powder, without a doubt, does well to make your carpet smell great! But they aren’t beneficial for your carpet at all. It tends to build in an extra dart layer in the carpet fabric over time. These leftovers will be challenging to remove as well. Using your vacuum cleaner is not fruitful in such a situation.

Taking a walk on the carpet barefoot:
Wearing shoes while playing or working creates a wet environment. Walking barefoot on the carpet, on the other hand, might cause severe damage. It is because the moisture from your feet may transfer to your carpet, where it can feed odour-causing microorganisms. Furthermore, the foot lotions or creams you most likely use are bad for your carpet’s health. When walking on the carpet, however, the ideal solution is always to wear house shoes. The professional steam carpet cleaning in Wimbledon have the specialization to handle things with ease.

Using a home steam cleaner at least once a month:
Many people believe that using a home base light steam cleaner once a month is an effective way to clean their carpet. However, this is not the way to get it germ-free & pristine. Once or twice a year, a professional steam clean is always recommended to keep its hygiene clean and keep the warranty intact. Also, frequent cleaning can make the carpets get wrinkled. Aside from that, if you don’t know how to use a steam cleaner properly, it might be unsafe for the carpet fibres.

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