Is a disinfecting fogger machine useful to eliminate germs and bacteria?


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Cleaning and disinfecting large or small areas, with utmost accuracy, can be a challenging job. Also, getting rid of unseen pathogens in hidden regions is even more stimulating! But you must clean your space and remove the germs, dirt, and impurities from surfaces. The regular cleaning process does not kill germs but helps reduce their numbers and the risk of spreading infection. Disinfecting, however, refers to using specific products that kill pathogens on surfaces. It will help in pulling down the disease, spreading possibilities.

Using a mop or just spraying or wiping with towel is not enough to meticulously clean any area. It cannot even guarantee to cover all the places and remove the harmful microorganisms and also the Covid-19 coronavirus. You may use several cleaning procedures over the years and use several disinfectants in your properties, both small and large or residential and commercial areas. Most people found the most effective disinfecting solution for medium and large buildings using a disinfecting fogger machine. It can be characterized as dry fog systems or wet fog systems.

Disinfecting fogger machines are popular in the commercial and residential, and health sector industry for years. They have been utilizing it for sanitizing the residential and workspace. It is also used as an environmental remediator as its regular use kills and prevents toxic mold and other harmful microorganisms. A wet fog machine commonly uses neutral disinfectants, sterility, decontamination, cleaner deodorants based products. Fogging machines with safe disinfectants found a significant advantage. It uniformly provides exposure to disinfectant throughout the room and covers even the hard-to-reach surfaces.

Since the disinfecting fogger machine is entirely or semi-automated, it covers a wide area to inactivate the airborne virus. It should allow higher sanitation effectiveness, meet compliance, and better work capacity to meet your needs. An advanced disinfecting fogger machine covers the entire space in the property and also in very rapid time. It also includes the hidden areas that you cannot get to do yourself. A well-designed ULV spray unit can dispense very fine chemical droplets to reach several areas including the ceilings, walls, floors, and all surfaces to kill and prevent the pathogens, harmful microorganisms, and the coronavirus.

There are many different types of disinfecting fogger machines available in the market. An electric ultra-low volume (ULV) wet fogging machine can be found online for $500-700. With one gallon of disinfectant, you can easily cover every surface and within an hour or less. You need not require any training for operating the machines, and you will be up and running it within minutes. You will become a pro after about a few fogging applications and get better results ahead.

Disinfecting fogger machines is a proven, effective method of disinfecting a large area in a relatively short period. If you need to own a fogger machine, then trust to call Disinfecting Machines right away. Call on 703-239-3932 today to get the assistance!

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