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Professional and Reliable Cleaning Services for your End of a Tenancy Agreement

Do you want to move from your existing rental property? You must know the stress when it comes to moving. There is always a concern that you may not be getting your deposit back at the end of the tenancy agreement. You may have many questions that you do not know to answers and professional end of tenancy cleaning London will try to cover all aspects of after tenancy cleaning no matter in which city you live, or the specific requirement of your landlord in London.

end of tenancy cleaning

What is the end of tenancy clean?
End of tenancy cleaning is a specialized cleaning required when a tenant moves out of a rented property. It is the job undertaken by either the tenant or landlord. Mostly it is done by the tenant as per tenancy agreement. It is a specific cleaning service needs to be conducted before a new tenant moves in. It is also the leading cause of deposit disputes between tenants and landlords at the end of their contract. It will give the landlord security that their property will remain spotless and disinfected before new tenants move in. Furthermore, the professional end of tenancy cleaning in London allows the old tenants to claim their security deposit back!

What is cleaning involved at the end of tenancy cleaning?
As a tenant, you should check each corner of your house remain the same as you get it at the time of your tenancy agreement. You should call for a specialized end of tenancy cleaning in London that take the utmost care and make the entire home space tidy. Some of their end of tenancy cleaning includes:

•Cleaning, disinfecting, and dusting the front door, skirting boards, walls, ceiling, limescale on tiles sinks, and water taps.

•Deep clean the home and kitchen appliances like a fridge, microwave oven, etc.

•Deep Cleaning the carpet and upholstery furniture’s throughout the house

•Cleaning or washing blinds and curtains

•Cleaning and disinfecting the furniture items like shelves, cupboards, bed frames, etc.

•Place the furniture and large appliances in the proper place and remove dust, debris, and stains around it

•Deep Cleaning & sanitation of kitchen and bathroom for eliminating the risk of infection

•Clean windows both inside and out, ensuring they remain shiny and smear-free.

Who needs to pay for the end of tenancy cleaning?
Basically, the tenant agreed with the tenancy agreement, and you need to do the tenancy cleaning if there is a clause to do so in it. So you are contractually obliged to deliver it. Furthermore, there is no reason why you shouldnot undertake the cleaning duties! You are staying there and should carry out your house cleaning. Otherwise you can take the assistance of a reputed end of the cleaning company in London who will do the job on your behalf. There are also circumstances where your landlord or estate manager requires to see a cleaning receipt from a professional end of the cleaning company. Rest assured that the professional cleaning companies ensure that the standard of cleaning has been met.

Go For Cleaning is specialize in all aspects of Cleaning and can help you with all your residential or commercial end of clean tenancy requirements. They work with many landlords and property managers to deliver this service directly. Also, they have vast experience and know-how to meet the client’s expectation to get the deposit without issue.

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