Sewage Damage – What Are The Main Causes

Sewage damage is a costly & dangerous disaster that could happen to any home or business. Sewage damage to a property can prompt irreparable dent to the property’s structure, padding, carpet, appliances, furniture, and personal stuffs. Also a raw sewage can contain plenty of hazardous viruses, pathogens, and germ that can spread major ailment in those who’re exposed to the waste water.

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding sewage damage is how does it occur? Whether the damage is minor or a major one, it’s essential for property owners to comprehend that sewage damage clean up in Glenview, IL should be dealt by highly trained, certified experts to make sure the safety of the property & the people who’ve been exposed to the raw sewage.


Toilet or bathtub leakage:

Wax gasket around the base of a toilet as well as connecting hoses & pipes leading from bathtub and toilets must be checked on a frequent basis. Any of these critical pieces can weaken or break down at any time. It’s advocated by water damage professional to check these stuffs on a semi-annual basis. The time invested in checking these critical components of a septic system can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Bursting, weakening or broken pipes:

While majority of the water damages involve broken or bursting pipes, some water damage occur gradually without property owners discovering until its too late. Weakening or leaky pipes can’t just prompt water damage & mold growth if they’re not treated instantly, but sewer damage can happen also.


During a water damage event it’s essential for property owners to turn off the water supply until a sewage damage clean up professional arrives on the scene.

Pipe of main blockage:

One of the most common reasons for sewer damage happens when objects block pipes. A pipe or main blockage can occur at any point in the septic system. This includes pipes & mains in commercial and residential properties, at interconnecting junction underground, and at the municipal waste water plant.

Flood water & severe storms:

Sewage backup is at its most severe when local streams, lakes, rivers or creeks flood from excess rain or intense storms. These disasters can prompt citywide sewage stoppage.


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