The reasons to choose a professional cleaning organization


With the spread of the COVID-19 virus, it has become more important to disinfect and deep clean your Dubai workplace. Our knowledge of the previous few months has made us aware that the virus can spread quickly and easily. So, as a responsible business entrepreneur, you need to have a disinfection service in Dubai from a reputed cleaning organization to make your workplace safe for your employees and clients.

Why choose a reputed cleaning organization

Mops and Brooms Building Cleaning Services LLC is one of the reputable cleaning organization in Dubai. They have an unrivaled reputation of offering cleaning and disinfecting services and you can rely on them to have quality services from trained cleaning professionals.

As you call them, you can expect to have a word with a dedicated representative who will guide you to have the best of their services. They will have a detailed discussion about your requirements and help you to select the best of their cleaning services. As they and their cleaners will know about your needs before starting the work, they will come prepared with all requirements to disinfect and deep clean your place.

The same cleaners will regularly come to clean your place. So, you will not have to explain every time about your requirements. As they know the job, they go and clean your place without disturbing your business works. Reliability and quality services are what you can expect from them. Their cleaners have the training to offer the best of disinfecting services as per health organizations’ guidelines.

Though they offer the highest standard of cleaning, they do not charge you more. Their rates are reasonable and affordable without any hidden cost to surprise you at the end. They make sure that you get value for the money you spend.

The services you can expect to have

When you have cleaning services in Dubai from Mops and Brooms Building Cleaning Services LLC, you can expect to have the following services.

They clean all the surfaces of any surface dirt and dust by mopping them with disinfectant. They do this as CDC directs to do so before disinfection.

They then disinfect the surfaces using disinfectants of the best quality and recommended by the CDC. They even use steam to disinfect all surfaces if necessary. They even use UV light treatment to remove any air and surface contaminators. An ultra-Low Volume fogging machine has usage by them to disperse disinfectant droplets so that not a single area of your place has any contamination. There are specific high touch points areas like door handles, switches and handrails; their cleaners take special care to disinfect them.

Their dedicated and quality cleaning services have made them have the approval of the Dubai Municipality for providing Precautionary Disinfection services. Not only has that, but their Infection Control & Prevention Measures also made them earn the Anti-Coronavirus Shield award.

They have been offering such quality cleaning services from the year 2016 and have a strong base of satisfied customers. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, they have upgraded their cleaning services so that all houses and business establishments in Dubai can be free from any contamination from the COVID-19 virus.

Call at +971 54 495 0111 to request a quote from them for the best quality of disinfection service in Dubai.

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