Things to Look After during End of Tenancy Cleaning Process


Expert end of tenancy cleaning in SW6 Fulham offers the list of routine cleaning jobs for the future of tenancy or move-out cleaning.

So, your tenancy is coming to an end, and you’re packing your belongings for moving out! Are you planning to vacate your rented property in the next few days? If yes, you need to be sure that the rental property should be left as clean as when you move in. Lack of adequate cleaning could result in losing your security deposit. If you want to get the deposit back, you need to be sure everything is sparkling clean. Hiring a professional end of cleaning is one of the easiest ways to get your deposit returned. The professional end of tenancy cleaning in SW6 Fulham can do the entire work for you and ensure your landlord feels delighted with the cleanliness of your house when you decide to leave.

Before you may begin with the end of cleaning work, get in touch with your landlord for a copy of the final inspection checklist. Professional end of tenancy cleaning Hammersmith W6 helps you in such circumstances and make the entire project easy. If you are doing the end of tenancy cleaning then, check these 6 tips to pass through the final inspection.

end of tenancy cleaning

Kitchen: To wipe clean and clear the deposits or crumbs, you must empty all of your shelves and cupboards. Pull out the appliances and clean the flooring and the inside and outside of the cupboard doors. Using a dry towel, clean the dust off the back of the kitchen appliances or fridges entirely. Make careful to clean both the inside and outside of the refrigerator, as well as the shelves and grooves. Then defrost your freezer, making sure to clean out any leftovers if you have one. Remember to clean the microwave thoroughly.

Hob and oven: There’s nothing more unpleasant than cleaning a dirty stove-top or oven. Food deposits and thick filth may accumulate, making it one of the most challenging cleaning jobs in your kitchen. Please try to clean the rack, trays, oven, and hobs until they are spotless. One of the things that should be examined at the end of a tenancy is this.

Bathroom and kitchen limescale: Limescale can build up over time on taps, sinks, showers, baths, toilets, tiles, and even inside the pot. The good news is that getting rid of the build-up is not impossible. Different storage cupboard ingredients may be beneficial in removing limescale. A suitable solution of equal distribution of water and white vinegar can be used for a container cleaning. Limescale problems in the bathroom and kitchen can be solved using specially designed cleaning products.

Bathroom: When you wish to leave the property, the landlords will also examine the bathroom. You can make your washroom extremely clean and pristine with the help of end of tenancy cleaning in SW6 Fulham. You will need to descale the accumulation of limescale and clean the tiles, shower, taps, and bath until they appear to shine.

Window and window treatments: The inside and outside of the windows should be cleaned thoroughly. The end of tenancy cleaning in SW6 Hammersmith assures dust and wipe the blinds with care. Professionals do it with due care and ensure that curtains maintain their good condition for many years.

Carpets, rugs & upholstery: Other areas where stains or spills may occur. It is usually a good idea to hire a professional end of tenancy cleaning in Fulham that can provide comprehensive service to clean your carpets, rugs or upholstery furniture for you. They use a premium quality cleaning agent and advanced cleaning tools to remove stains or spots and make them like new. Thus, you will be able to restore your carpets, rugs or upholstery furniture for several years and save your budget in the long run.

If you are about to move into a new house and need to organize your end of tenancy clean, contact Fully Carpet Clean. They help you do the cleaning work so that the entire house looks neat and tidy.

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