What is disinfecting fogger machine and how it works

Most commercial space, business houses and residential areas gave much stress to re-evaluate their cleaning and hygiene protocols nowadays. They did it to ensure a safe come back to work or make the home or commercial space hygiene after the novel coronavirus pandemic. As a result, disinfectant foggers are being considered for use in a lot of new industries and commercial places for the first time. But what are disinfecting fogger machines, and how do they work, and are they right for your business? Let’s find out a few answers that may raise a customer’s mind.

Disinfecting fogging involves saturating the entire commercial or residential space with microbial disinfectant substances. It is an excellent way to purify and remove pathogens from the air, as well as from surfaces within the distance. It provides the large-scale disinfection process which is best to be carried out carefully in high-risk areas. It takes relatively less time to disinfect the area and safely clean a room. The disinfectant fogger machine and the disinfection equipment for sale is highly effective to combat pathogens. It is most effective in those areas that are particularly suspect to airborne elements, respiratory droplets, such as the flu virus or COVID-19 coronavirus.

All foggers work by spraying to fill the room with a solution that have disinfectant properties. There are several disinfectant fogger machines & disinfection equipment for sale on the market that provide different types of fogging treatment. Choosing the right disinfectant fogger machine for your facility will depend on its use, potential pathogen exposures, and the surfaces to be disinfected.

The most common treatments are:

A chemical fogger can be purpose-built disinfection equipment best used in commercial space like a warehouse, factory or workplace in an office. Chemical foggers work by dispensing a fine mist of disinfectant solution to mix in the atmosphere. This applies an even coating of the disinfectant to all surfaces in the room, and it disinfects the air as well. The treatment time is based on the size of the area, which takes 30-60 minutes to cover even a larger area. Another 60 minutes or a little bit more time is needed to dissipate the mist and make the air back into its breathable levels.

The disinfection equipment for sale is a popular method of disinfectant fogging used in medical settings and pharmaceutical environments. Cleaning with an advanced disinfecting fogger machine is also the best way to dehumidify the room. It penetrates the organic biofilms and residues and therefore can remove all bacteria and pathogens. However, it will need a pre-cleaning to bring a significant result. Also, it needs to be done by an expert and licensed professional.

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